Last week I was literally doing a deep dive into the new JSS that released part of Sitecore 10.1. Part of my investigation, I was doing these below:

  • Setup JSS project and understand how does it work with the new Nextjs.
  • SSG (Static Site Generation): How does it work with…

Really exciting to spend time on the latest JSS (with next). I was trying to explore as much as possible. Still a lot of hiccups around many places. The problem I found is, if I create a page, it works in local (disconnect mode) but not inside Sitecore (Connected mode) but giving 404 unless I create an empty layout for this page. I’m sure I am missing something. Need to go through the doc one more time.

Anyway, the SSG works really great. I will write a full blog with my experience later along with a repo…


#sitecore #jss #jss_next #sitecore10_1

I installed the new Sitecore 10.1 last day and it went really well. I thought to install and configure jss-next. The documentation is quite well but I was struggling a lot in the areas of JssEditingSecret

The error I was getting is: “Connection to your rendering host failed with a…

Only Sitecore

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